Who can hold a Research Cafe?

Research Cafes are designed to be facilitated by community leaders, as a way to support and strengthen communities’ capacity to partner and participate in research within their community.


Where do I find the resources to hold a Research Cafe in my community?

You can find the resources to hold a Research Cafe by signing up on our Hold a Cafe page and downloading the Facilitators Guide and other resources straight to your computer.


What is Health in Our Hands?

Health in Our Hands is an initiative that uses the knowledge, expertise and opinion of people across Louisiana to build a community that influences improvements and innovations in healthcare by:

  • Recognizing individuals as the experts of their own health by giving them the opportunity to share what health issues are important to them.
  • Bring together patients, doctors and researchers to work together to improve healthcare.
  • Providing individuals with up-to-date information and resources on issues that affect their health.


How is Health in Our Hands related to Research Cafés?

Health in Our Hands connects community members with researchers and doctors through our online network. Our mission is to build research literacy and access to opportunities to share the patient perspective in research. Research Cafe is an initiative of Health in Our Hands to start important discussions in our community.


How do I find research projects?

You can get involved in different research projects by signing up to be in the Health in Our Hands network, where you can complete short surveys about your health experiences, receive information about research directly related to your health and information on how to be involved in future research projects.


Is it free to hold a Research Café?

Yes it is free – and it is against Research Café policy to charge people to participate.